Finders Fee Recruitment

Help us solve recruitments by engaging your network and get finders fee.

Now you can earn money by engaging your network. Fill in the form for each postion and your potential candidate will get an e-mail. When one of your candidates that you have infomed gets employed, you are rewarded with a finders fee.

Q & A

A finder is a person who contacts and informa potential candidates about different postions.

Finders fee is a reward to a finder and is paid when a candidate becomes employed.

Addilon pays  finders fee as an income from service and the amount is deposited into your bank account.

Yes, but you must be able to present an F-tax bill.

We deduct income tax. A finders fee of SEK 10,000 means that you get about SEK 7,000 paid to  your account

Whoever first advises on a contact gets the finders fee.


The candidate are always informed who is the finder. Your name and recommendation will also be shown in the email that is sent to the candidate.

30 days after the employment contract between the client and the candidate has been signed.

Subscribe by filling out the form. You will then receive updates via email when we have recruitments where there are finders fee.

We work strictly according to the ethical guidelines that apply to the recruitment industry.

We follow the ethical rules adopted by the Swedish Executive Search Consultants Association (ESC).